Outsider pop artist, collector, media promoter and arts leader Andrew Van Sickle masterfully reinterprets historic images of Cincinnati's architectural landmarks from original prints from the past into the 21st century, designed on canvas. The artist's emerging body of iconic images of Cincinnati, infused with brilliant color and energy, include Opening Night Music Hall 1878, Fountain Square, 1886, and Roebling Bridge, Opening Day 1866. The Music Hall image is adapted from marketing materials of its designer, Samuel Hanaford. Van Sickle's interpretation depicts the bright future of Music Hall, infused with stunning colors with illumination of the structure's once-functional windows, niches and alcoves. Intense and varying colors depict the external environment. The legendary statue of the Guardian angel is in its place at the pinnacle of the central roof. Van Sickle comments, "I attempted to capture the excitement and, more importantly, the enthusiastic acceptance by our community of the revitalization of Music Hall and the Over the Rhine neighborhood. The reappropriation of Cincinnati's remarkable architectural landmarks depicted in my works, such as Fountain Square, 1886, enunciates the relevance and rebirth of our cityscape."

Known for his signature depictions of American pop culture icons, Van Sickle has been inspired without formal education in painting, to emerged on the Cincinnati art scene and outside the mainstream of the visual art community's traditional museums and galleries. Instead, his bold graphic works have proliferated Cincinnati's affluent youth "demimonde" of nightclubs and chic upscale restaurants. Van Sickle remarks, "I choose to create unconventional spaces where people socialize and celebrate while interacting with strong, graphic pop images, both mythical and archetypical…people experience energy and buzz that they won't find just looking at canvases hanging in an art gallery." Van Sickle has evolved into a prolific artist/communicator through self-started experimentation and through his meaningful interactions and collaborations with such celebrated artists as Howard Finster, Mose Tolliver and Andy Warhol's older brother Paul Warhola. Born and raised in Toledo, Van Sickle studied marketing at the University of Cincinnati. While at UC, he became acquainted with Cincinnati art patron Kay Benedict Taft, who introduced the young artist to serious art collecting and gallery presentation.

Van Sickle's works now appear in the private collections of such notables as Michael Stipe, Paris Hilton, and actress Tara Reid. His art enjoys prominent visibility in Cincinnati's galleries, night clubs and restaurant venues; and energizes corporate spaces of The Haile Foundation, Necco Foster Family, Cincinnati City Hall, Greenbird Inc., and Ross Sinclair Investments. A community arts activist, Van Sickle is Board member of the Constella Festival, and is past board president and ongoing advocate for Visionaries and Voices.